Who Is This Girl?

When you’re really bad at talking about yourself, you just decide to let someone else take the wheel. The following are peer reviews about myself from, well, my peers. So, cheers.

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“Bright, resilient, and a light to all who look upon you.; a kind heart in a not-so-kind world.” – Jordan Massingill

“A very strong and independent lady- So confident in herself and I truly envy that!” – Jamie Crabtree

“A bright young lady who is going places and everyone looks up to you because you always have a good attitude on life! You don’t let the bumps in the road get you down, you use them to prod you on to bigger and better things all the while giving a smile to everyone you meet!” -Cindy Owens

“Fun, super friendly, spunky, and tons of personality!” – Jacy Lee

“Someone that understood me and that I could vibe well with. Never boring when we are together.” – Crystal Ellis

“She’s brash but in a good way. Like if fireworks were a person.” – Kalli Mingus

Open and full of love!” – Emily Peterson

“You give the best advice ever – from men to fashion. 💜” -Olivia Siemer

“Big heart, crazy antics 💕💕💕” – Alyx Wylie

“Free Spirit, very beautiful inside and out.” – Bonnie Bischel

“Honestly the biggest blessing that I never saw coming.” – Kacie Marvin

Fun & crazy. I never had to act a different way around you. You made me feel comfortable being myself!” – Kathleen O’Connell

“Big heart and so loving.” – Angelica Sustaita

“We found each other through mutual love of Brand New and I’m so grateful for your friendship!” – Reagan Dunn


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