Castle Creator

Merry (1)


I want you to know that beauty is not the currency in which you have to live your life to earn, that your heart is much more of the keeper of things long lasting, I want to remind you that being alone is not always lonely, that lonely is not always the brick you have to come home to rebuild daily. Lonely can be a castle that you lay way to, with room enough for all of your beautiful memories to take shelter in. Lonely can be hot tea, warm blanket, wrapped up in your self-awareness. Alone does not have to be a long hallway with only one door at the end- alone is a hedge maze, with roses and daisies and magic helping you float toward loving the only person who continually forgives you.  The bones that support the moments when you feel like your skin could crawl off your body, leaving you muscle-exposed, red raw- these bones make are the structure to keep you upright, you don’t have to uptight, you don’t have to be a goddamn thing. I want you to know that stability is not a linear process, peaks and troughs have no dictation over your self-worth. If we were a straight line, roller coasters would cause a heart to pop in our chests, forget the adrenaline, forget the rush, just blood red redemption. I want you to remember the moment your heart began to mold itself back into form, the moment your realized that this does not have to be the end; remember the deepest sigh your lungs were blessed to take in- remember that you are not just anaerobic functioning, but a watercolor wish that just may have come true. You are for someone to cherish, you are for someone to bring sunshine to your veins, you are for appreciation, you are for redemption, you are for loving.

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