Diamond Pair




Just a little bit of poetry on this beautiful fall day- love & light, tess


with melodic symphony symmetry,

the diamond pair was formed

the fall foliage and gentle kiss of wind were the perfect canvas to glow

the glow of golden hearts, that is

breath stolen, fire breathing, electric chill changes

sunshine sprinting between blinds, barreling on to eyelashes, dipping into Bahama blue water eyes

golden fleck

highlight and glimmer

pigmented absence

the diamond pair tumbled into a world of their own

and impossible became impassible

and infallible became incandescent

and stone was grown into pebble

dream-like drowsy, the diamond pair

dream-like drowning, the diamond pair

biting the chilling wind, stars dripping in lipstick

blushing heat, heaven fiber for the diamond pair

heartbeat havana, smoke it if you’ve got it

hand running rapid, cold cloud exhale

lonely solid sheets for our favorite diamond pair

and where does the diamond pair dive gracefully from there?

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